Ask Stylishsandy – Graduation & Mother of Bride Dresses, Going Out Ideas & Spring Sandals!

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I want to start by saying how excited I get whenever I receive a message from you! Your feedback is helpful, and I’m so grateful you feel comfortable reaching out to ask questions. So today, I’m answering some of the questions I’ve received over the past week.

Ask Stylishsandy

Q: I’m attending my daughter’s graduation and I’m not sure what to wear. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Congratulations! Here are a few dresses you might like wearing to the celebrations. I love these dresses by Cinq a Sept, Vince, Kate Spade an Tuckernuck. Wear a blazer (alternate style 1) (alternate style 2) or denim jacket, slides, and a handbag to complete the look.

This dress is  a nice option for the celebration too.

Q: I’m the mother of the bride and I was wondering if you can recommend a dress? I’d love to hear your ideas!

A: When it comes to finding the perfect “MOB” or “MOG” dress, there are several things to consider. From the length of the dress to the level of formality of the venue and even the color preferences of the bride, there’s a lot to think about. But no worries, I’ve selected a few tried-and-true dresses with great reviews. So, once you receive your dress, take the time to ask yourself: Does the dress make you feel fabulous for this special occasion? Is it comfortable to wear dancing? Does it need alterations? 

Plus, I have an important stylist note to share with you. If you get alterations on your dress, it’s essential to try it on before the wedding day. Trust me on this! Having worked at Nordstrom, I always made sure my customers tried on their outfits ahead of the celebration. It ensures that everything fits and that necessary adjustments can be made before the big day. 

Q: I’m headed to a casual chic dinner party and I’m stuck on what to wear. Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

A: It’s always fun to wear a chic outfit to a party, especially this time of year. If you’re looking for a playful and trendy outfit, consider wearing a denim skirt paired with a stylish top, (Alternate style 1) (Alternate style 2) comfy slides, and a crossbody bag. You can’t go wrong with a favorite combination of white  jeans, a pretty top, slides and a blazer. A versatile dress is an easy pretty choice too. Have fun and enjoy your party!

Q: I was wondering if you have any suggestions for spring/summer sandals?

A: I adore spring and summer sandals, which are my go-to shoes during these sunny seasons. I suggest getting neutral-colored styles you can wear with all your jeans, dresses, and slacks. Below, you’ll find a selection ranging from moderate to splurge-worthy prices. I’m sure you will find a pair you like!


Thank you reading. Please reach out with any quesons or feedback.

xo Sandy





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  1. Sandy, this is a wonderful guide you put together, possibly the best one I have seen you do.

    Also, just want to tell you in the photo at the top of the page (you are on the roof with white jeans) is fantastic! I really like it because you parted your hair off center–I think it is very flattering on you verses the middle part.



    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your nice note. I’m always trying new formats so I’m glad you liked this one. Also, thank you for reminding me to part my hair off center. My hair stylist likes it parted in the center and it’s always fun too try new ways to fix my hair. Thanks again for your comments.