5 Types of Shoes to Wear With Denim

As a personal stylist, I’ve helped many women find the perfect denim to fit their body type. If you missed my blog post on denim, you might read it hereWith new denim that fits well, we also need to look at shoe options to go with them. Below I’ve identified 5 types of shoes that are perfect to wear with straight, skinny, and cropped denim. Whether you like a slide, mule, sneaker, boot, or an occasional heel, the shoe options below are to wear both inside or outside the home.

1. Slides for Inside and Outside the Home

A comfortable slide is an easy shoe to wear around the house with any denim style, especially straight denim. Want to elevate your sweatpant or legging look? Try wearing a slide with a pattern, color, or block heel. These are the slides that have caught my attention to wear now and into the spring.

2. Mules

Once just a style of slipper, the mule is now a staple in our wardrobe and can be worn in and out of the house. To create an effortless and laid back look, try wearing one of the options below. If you are not a fan of a backless shoe, try a loafer like the Gucci Jordaan Bit Loafer or the Sam Edelman Lior Loafer for a similar look.

Style Inspiration from Pinterest

Street Inspiration From Pinterest


Sneakers are a staple shoe in every wardrobe. Try wearing a white or tan sneaker for a cool, casual, yet confident appearance. Here are a few styles I’m interested in right now.



Style Inspiration from Pinterest


4- Boots

Boots can be worn with denim to create a chic modern  look. If you prefer to wear straight denim and want to create a smart casual look, try wearing a chunky heel, Chelsea, or combat boot.
I own a couple of the boots below and wear them often!

Style Inspiration from Pinterest


Style Inspiration from Pinterest


Style Inspiration from Pinterest


Style Inspiration from Pinterest



5-Low or Kitten Heel

I’m not wearing heels as often as I was in the past, but I still like the look and trend of a lower heel with denim. These are the heels I have my eye on right now.



Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me. Do you know of someone who might like reading my blog? Please share with them; I love referrals.

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