9 Pieces To Include When Creating a Jewelry Wardrobe!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I love to wear jewelry. Since styling classic yet chic looks seems to be my forte, I like to add jewelry to provide extra interest to each outfit. Like sprinkles on a birthday cake, jewelry adds a WOW factor and completes a look for any occasion. Ha!

I’ve accumulated a wide variety of jewelry over the years, both vintage, modern, and costume, however, I usually end up wearing the same pieces. So, just as we have essential items in our wardrobe to make getting dressed easy, I feel we should also have an essential jewelry wardrobe to make accessorizing effortless.

Below, I’m sharing 9 categories of jewelry to complete a basic jewelry wardrobe.

  1. Delicate “lifestyle” chain to wear daily
  2. Stacking chain necklace (wear alone or create a stack and wear with a lifestyle chain)
  3. Pendant (wear alone or add to a lifestyle and stacking chain)
  4. Hoop earrings or Huggies
  5. Diamond studs
  6. Link or tennis bracelet
  7. Pearl necklace or pendant
  8. Cocktail ring
  9. Stacking rings

Stylist note – Stack your jewelry in odd numbers. I usually stack 1 or 3 necklaces at a time. Sometimes 5 when I want to make a big statement. This is a chance to show your personality through newly acquired pieces and vintage or family heirloom jewelry.

Stacking Inspiration

1. Delicate Chain Necklaces

I find that wearing a simple gold chain with my t-shirt makes me feel pretty and put-together, even when I’m working alone in my office or running errands.

Wondering how to stack necklaces? Start with a fine-gauge chain for every day wear. Then, add a second necklace. Depending on your preference, this can be another delicate chain, midsize chain, or heavier weight chain. Lastly, add an extended statement necklace. Try wearing a pearl, initial, or coin pendant for this one.

Stylist note- look for necklaces of varying lengths such as a 14″, 16″ 18″ and a longe 22″ to create a stack.



2. Stacking Chain Necklace

Stacking Chain Inspiration- Similar

Moderate Price 

3. Pendant

Pendant Stacking Inspiration from  S-kin Studio

Moderate Price

4. Hoop Earring or Huggies

Hoop earrings are classic and go with every outfit. Try stacking small Huggies and a larger hoop together if you have multiple piercings.


Moderate Price

5. Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings are ageless and elevate your look. When in doubt, wear these earrings.

6. Link or Tennis Bracelet

Style Inspiration from Monica Vinader 

One bracelet is fun to wear but stacking several can create drama and interest to your wrist and overall look. Start with a chain or tennis bracelet you can wear daily. Then, continue to add different textures and styles until you have a stack.

7. Pearl Necklace or pendant

Jewelry Style Inspiration.  Simple Outfit –  Focus on the Jewelry.

8. Cocktail Rings

David Yurman, Bony Levy

I find rings are fun to wear and make me happy! Once you find rings you like, you won’t leave the house without them. My styling friends at Bony Levy suggest stacking rings on each finger! I usually wear a statement ring and a gold stacking ring next to it.

9. Stacking Rings


Stacking Ring Inspiration

When accessorizing, remember this:
“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Coco Chanel

Thanks for reading.

Xo Sandy





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  1. Sandy, I do so appreciate your beautiful suggestions for jewelry. I tend to wear pinks, purples, blues and not so much camel, cream, brown or black. (Navy is my neutral) I would love to see you suggest sterling silver pieces with your discriminating good taste. Thanks!

    • Thank you for reaching out. I like silver jewelry too and will include it future posts.