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A year ago, during the early days of the pandemic, six Nordstrom stylists from around the country found each other and quickly formed an amazing bond over fashion, Nordstrom (our employer), our love of styling, and a passion for staying connected with customers during uncertain times. We called ourselves the Nordstrom6 and set out with the goal of building our online presence by providing fun and stylish content to fashion fans of all ages. One year later, our friendship is strong, we support each other, and we still post weekly content on Instagram.

The group includes Susie Wright @susie.wright. Susie is a former buyer for Nordstrom, loves fashion, and writes a blog,

Jennifer Sattler @closetchoreography started the Nordstrom6. She asked 40 stylists to join her to create a group, and six said yes. She styles colorful, high-low fashion from Target to CHANEL and writes a blog,

Danielle Gilbert @ dg_stylist keeps us laughing. She is the master of creating funny reels and is a wonderful Nordstrom stylist from San Diego, CA.

Rose Hayes @rosehayes is a VIP stylist for Nordstrom in Pittsburgh, PA (and Scottsdale, AZ). She is creative and cool and loves to push the fashion envelope.

Stacey Jones @instylewithstacey is a talented Nordstrom stylist from Baltimore, Maryland. She loves makeup, gives informative tutorials, and reps the line Farmasi too.

Me, I’m @stylishsandy. I am a VIP stylist for Nordstrom in Seattle, WA. I love styling and creative, high-low fashion.

Recently, Who What Wear approached one of our members, Susie Wright, (who is also a regular contributor to the publication), and asked to feature the Nordstrom6. Naturally, we were all honored to be featured, and the story went LIVE this week. We were asked to choose one of our favorite items to suggest to those asking for styling advice. Here’s what we recommended:

1. Utility Jacket

Susie’s Pick: A utility jacket or spring jacket is a fantastic item to have in your wardrobe. Wear it in the spring months through fall with denim or over a dress. It is both versatile as well as practical.

Madewell Military Jacket, Ganni Floral Print Blazer (top), Staud Shoulder Bag

1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12

2. Blazer

Jennifer’s Pick: A blazer is a staple that can pull your outfit together. I often pair a blazer with denim for a casual work outfit. I like wearing a blazer over a jumpsuit and dress to create a finished look too.

Veronica Beard Blazer, Dress, Coach Handbag(similar)

1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13

3. Perfect Jeans

 Danielle’s Pick: Everyone loves the perfect denim that hugs you in all the right places and makes you feel amazing. I’m sure by now you’ve heard that skinny jeans are out. That may be good or bad news, depending on how you feel about them. I still plan to wear mine, but I’m embracing new styles too. Here are a few styles for spring you might like. 

Frame Sylvie, ATM Schoolboy t-shirt, Staud Colorblock Cardigan, (Similar shoe) Marc Fisher

1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13

4. Versatile Shoes

“Fabulous footwear is a must for every stylish wardrobe. Shoes are a great way to show your unique personality and elevate your look. I encourage clients to play with color, texture, and heel height.” — Sandy Koszarek, @stylishsandy

We all want to know which shoe to wear with denim, dresses, and skirts. With trends changing every season, it’s hard to keep up with the current styles. Casual, more relaxed shoes and sneakers are trending, so wear white sneakers with your joggers but also denim and dresses. Square-toe slides are trending and are appropriate with denim, skirts, joggers, and shorts. If you still like to wear boots, try wearing a white “Chelsea boot” with your skirts, too. Below are some shoe options you might like. 

Topshop Blazer(similiar), ATM V-Neck, Frame Denim(similiar), CHANEL Sandal (similar), Rag and Bone Wallet on Chain

1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11


5. Slip Dress

Rose’s pick: A slip dress is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. Available in many colors and prints, I love the black slip dress by Vince. Layer a denim or moto jacket over the dress for the day, or try a shawl for the evening. Layer the dress over a t-shirt, or layer a sweater or blouse over the dress. Either way, it’s a lovely dress to wear for different occasions and A versatile piece to travel with too. 

Vince Slip Dress, ATM T-Shirt, Jeffrey Campbell Slide (Gucci Similiar)

1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7

6. Moto Jacket

Stacey’s pick: A moto is a versatile “cool girl” jacket. I often wear a moto jacket to work or when I go out with friends. I like to pair it with dresses or skirts to add structure. I also wear it with denim when I want an edgier feeling. Moto jackets are available in faux and real leather and lighter-weight fabrics. 

Vince Jacket (similar), ATM T-Shirt,Frame Denim,Bauble Bar Necklace

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Thank you for reading. Please email me with questions or comments; I’d love to hear from you.



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