What’s the Right Denim Length? Your Guide to Nailing It for Fall 2023!

I hear this question often – What’s the perfect length for jeans? As a former Nordstrom stylist, I’ve helped 100’s women determine the perfect jean length, and I understand how important it is to get it right! When buying jeans, it’s not just about the rise, wash, or style – the length is crucial in how your jeans will look. So, today, I’m highlighting different denim styles for fall and sharing my thoughts and expertise on the right hem length for each jean.

Another styling trick for determining the perfect jean length is to check out the website where you purchased them. Look at the model photos for guidance – even though those models often have height and legs for days, it’s still a great way to get a sense of the correct hem length for your jeans. 🙂

1. Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are a tried-and-true classic that never disappoints. When it comes to the ideal hem length, it’s a personal preference, but aiming for a length that hits the ankle bone to below the ankle works. For someone like me, who’s 5’2, I find that having the hem hit below the ankle gives the illusion of longer legs. Ballet flats, pointed-toe boots, loafers, or sneakers go well with straight jeans.

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Straight Leg Jeans

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2. Wide-leg, Flare and Bootcut Jeans

Wide-leg, flare, and bootcut jeans are trending and they are perfect for creating longer-looking legs. Keep the jean hem long, and aim for a hem about half an inch above the floor to get the perfect look. When it comes to these styles of jeans, wearing them with a heel or heeled boot is preferable. But, if you don’t wear heels and prefer flat shoes, remember to keep the length of the jeans as long as possible, ideally about half an inch off the floor. This way, you’ll still achieve a long leg look. My jeans in the photo below are a half inch too long. 🙂

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Boots To Wear With Jeans

3. Cropped Wide-leg, Crop Flare and Crop Bootcut Jeans

Cropped wide legs, cropped flares, and cropped bootcut jeans are all about highlighting the ankle. Aim for a hem that hits your ankle bone or slightly above it. You have some wiggle room, but that’s the sweet spot for the correct hem length. You can wear any shoe style with cropped jeans. But if you like to wear boots, make sure the hem covers the top of your boots for a seamless finish. Also, if your boots are too short, slip on a coordinating sock that peeks out over the top of your boot – this instantly extends that boot line. Another style tip: tuck in your shirt or do a half-tuck with cropped jeans to create the illusion of longer legs.

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Cropped Jeans

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4. Boyfriend Jeans

Classic boyfriend jeans are more relaxed and roomier, but slimmer cuts like an ex-boyfriend’s style are also available. Traditionally, the hem of boyfriend jeans should be right at the ankle. You can roll the hem to show more leg and your shoes if you like. Wear heels for a dressed-up look, or keep it casual with boots, sneakers, or loafers.

Street Inspo from FashionTasty

Boyfriend Jeans

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